Frequently Asked Questions About Tile

We do a lot of backsplash installations in Halifax, and we get asked a lot of questions through email and while on the job site.  Here are some of the most common ones regarding backsplash installations that we get.  If you don't see your question here, please feel free to get in contact with us and we will get your question answered.​

What do I need to Supply?


Typically tile and grout are what we ask of our customers.  Tile is obviously a personal preference, but grout comes in 32 standard colors, as well as special order colors.   We ask that if you would like us to supply grout, that you tell us the name of the color you would like.

What kind of grout do I need for my Backsplash?


For most backsplash installations, unsanded grout works just fine.   Unsanded grout is used for grout joints 1/8 or less. 

What is the average size Backsplash?

We often get calls from customers saying they have a "small job".   On average, kitchen backsplash installations are between 24-30 square feet.    There is a considerable amount of work involved when installing a backsplash around the 30 square foot mark.  A small backsplash we consider to be around the 10 square foot mark.

Do I need trim pieces for my backsplash?

No, but they are recommended.  Trim pieces cover any exposed edgesof tile.  If your backsplash does not end either at a cabinet or a wall, chances are that you will need a trim piece to finish off the end of your backsplash.  Trim is also put in as a cap usually on either side of a window unless your backsplash extends up to the ceiling.  These are sold in 8 foot lengths come in a 32 standard colors and finishes, as well as different thicknesses.  

What will my backsplash be installed with?


We only use a top of the line white modified mortar for our installations.  We do not use mastic or any premixed adhesive that is sold in a bucket.  If a backsplash has any glass tiles in it, most manufactures do not recommend mastic for installing that particular tile.  So by default we only use white mortar.

Do my tiles need to be sealed before installation? 


Some tile do require sealing before installation, or grouting.  If your tile require sealing, we often ask that you seal them before we get there to install them.  If you do not feel comfortable with sealing your tile before and would like us to, please let us know so we can allow for this when quoting your job.  Many sealers require 24 hours to set before grouting, so this would make it impossible to finish your installation within the time usually allowed.  Although the choice of sealer is yours, we recommend the Aqua Mix brand.

Does the layout I want affect my installation time or price?


Absolutely.  Although the layout or pattern you want may not be difficult to do, it may require additional time for cutting, prep work, etc.  For example a simple 4"x4" tile stacked one on top of the other is pretty straight forward.  That same tile turn into a diamond shape requires a lot more cutting and fitting of pieces.

Where is my backsplash caulked and why?

Caulking is put in at the base of your backsplash to prevent liquid from getting between your counter top and your backsplash.  We use a clear caulking unless another color is requested by the customer.  Most companies that make grout also make a color matched caulking.  We can supply these at an additional charge if we know the color name of your grout prior to installation, and if the color matched caulk is readily available.


I still have a question or two?

Not a problem.  Please head over to our contact us page, and feel free to ask..

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