Why Choose Us?

Here are a few pictures of actual installations, that we have been called in to "fix".   Unfortunately the only fix in most cases was to tear everything out, and start fresh.

Grout hardened all over these tiles. 

This plug was spaced with grout.

Wrong adhesive.  Improper tile cutter.  Scabbed in pieces.

Pieces missing, wrong adhesive.  Cement dried on counter top.

Top portion of this plug was spaced with silicone.

Insufficient adhesive used to hold this tile on to the wall.

Cement dried all over wall.  Pieces missing.

Plug arced, and no longer worked.  Cement dried on counter top. Missing pieces.

* The last four pictures the home owner was told they owe $500 for the work "so far".  The entire job needed to be ripped out including drywall as the previous contractor mixed the mortar so wet, it soaked into the drywall and made it mush.  Thankfully after new drywall we were able to give this home owner the backsplash they should have had in the first place.  The previous contractor never received payment, and skipped town shortly after this install.

Drywall mud used to fill in around window.

Large gap left at the top of the backsplash.

Uneven rows.

Electrical wire used to space out the plugs.

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